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The work of Init focuses on technical ability in the field of modern system development. We provide architecture, design and programming skills for the introduction of new technology in the field of system development to meet the needs of all our clients. Init is able to supply everything from individual, one-off services to complete undertakings for projects worth up to SEK 20 million – with the aid of our own project and quality methods.

A number of our consultants also work as lecturers at Init’s training facility.

Init was launched in 1994, and organic growth within the organisation of around 20% a year has led to the company now employing 50 members of staff and achieving a turnover of SEK 72 million. The company’s profits, based on its net income before tax, have been between 4% and 18% a year.

System Development

Offers expert consultancy and focuses on important core technologies in the fields of methodology, middleware, databases and UNIX, for example.

Our consultants have many years of experience – some of them in excess of 20 years – and a tradition of system building, and they normally take part in major projects for the development of complex technical or administrative systems.

Our aim is to constantly remain right at the cutting edge of new technology for system development.

System Management

Takes on projects aiming to build and improve operating environments. This involves work on operating systems, databases, application servers and various products for load distribution, HA, High Availability, and monitoring.

We aim to achieve economical platforms by automating routine work, using products to promote scalability, implementing correct fault tolerance levels and monitoring both the platform and the applications.


Offers an extensive range of courses on the Internet, UNIX / Linux, Java, object orientation, security, e-Learning, and so on. Our range is intended for everyone, from project managers and analysts to programmers, database modellers, and others.

Init’s own consultants are our main lecturers, which allows courses to tie in more closely with the practical reality of system development projects.

All course material is written in Swedish and developed by Init consultants or partner companies.

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